2017-02-13 16:06 #0 by: Raggarillern

This article is under construction. We have some rules that shall be followed here on the forum. Of course besides there are also netiquette and that you show respect to each other.

It is not allowed to:

  • Copying copyrighted material.
  • Writing messages in advertising or promoting products / services without the consent of the host site.
  • Writing posts that reveals or suggests another user's real identity. *
  • We will have a higher toleration level (people have the right to question you and you have the right to be offended) but it is not ok to:
  • Engage in personal attacks.
  • Using profanity or other offensive language.
  • Writing messages with content of a discriminatory nature.


  • You agree that the site publish the material you contribute. The site also reserves the right to edit the content.
  • Post and Ad rules
  • This ferret forum has some rules around advertisement you need to follow or your post will be taken away. 

It is not allowed to:

  • Advertising about ferrets and threath to put them to sleep if no one buys.
  • Publish posts / threads with direct advertising or other materials that may be perceived as spam. It is not allowed to start threads for recruiting members to competing ferret-related forums / association or groupings.
  • Linking to pages demanding membership / login

It is allowed to:

  • Advertising and sell ferrets if you copy/paste the template and answer all questions you can. 
  • Discuss diseased ferrets and action, referring to veterinarian, a telling of vet visist etc.
  • Upload pictures of ferrets. Prefered direct from your computer to the site. Instead of copying them from other pages on the web.
  • Link to photos, files and videos that contains sensitive material. However, it must be cautioned that the link is not for sensitive people and possibly not persons under 16 year. Photo, videos and files of dead, autopsied or dissected ferrets or other sensitive material shall be marked with [X] in the main title